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Dark Stretch of Road: Midnight Sky’s Debut Album

“Dark Stretch of Road,” the debut album by Midnight Sky, is all that and more. The album features a diverse mix of popular music, ranging in style from classic country to power pop–and everything in between.

Some tracks will make you think, some will make you smile, and some will make you want to get up and boogie.

The songs reflect some of the best traditions of American popular music: hooks that will remain in your head long after the tracks have played and lyrics that will touch your heart and your soul.

“… a stunning collection of roots-rock songs” Don Thrasher, Rock Insider –Dayton Daily News

“Every song in this debut collection satisfies, from the palate-cleansing opener to the closing ballad. Add them to your collection before Carrie Underwood makes them famous.” –iTunes review

“Great stuff there…solidly in the rock and roll canon with a strong lyric approach”

–Jimmy Harned, Tonefarmer

“A Few Good Years”: The Follow Up

In October of 2019 Midnight Sky released “A Few Good Years,” the long-awaited follow-up to its debut album, “Dark Stretch of Road.” “A Few Good Years” continues and builds on the themes of its predecessor, creating a story arc starting with hopeful beginnings and concluding with hopeful endings—with the joy and pain that come in between.

The Singles

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